apiece is a  window gallery in the centre of Vilnius (Didžioji st. 38) exhibiting a single artwork of contemporary visual art or a design object at a time. The gallery does not adhere to the common exposition space standards - it does not open exhibitions, has no working hours or days (24/7), and presents the works / objects in space that is visible to the viewer through the showcase window.

The format of apiece exhibitions has been dictated by the size of the space (170 x 140 cm) along with our wish to encourage the audience to take closer interest in the author of the artwork/object or in contemporary art on the whole.

apiece is a phenomenon for which the cramped physical space is not the limit - rather the end result of the long matured concept that has gained a physical body; at the same time, it is a provocation for artists - to express (the whole of) oneself in a single artwork format.